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0908weddings's Journal

September 2008 Weddings
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September 2008 Weddings
I created this community because I couldn't find a community made just for September 2008 brides. I want there to be a place for women, and men, who are getting married during this month to come together and share their stories, their planning stress and joys.

This is a moderated community, therefore by joining, you agree to the following rules/regulations:

1. Respect - We are all adults here and should not be trying to hurt feelings. Constructive criticism is fine when someone is asking for your opinion. Basically, treat others the way you want to be treated. Serious issues will result in removal from the group.
2. Photos - If you are posting more than one picture, that is totally fine. One photo in the post is great, but please put any extras behind a cut.
3. Advertisement - This is not the classifieds. If you have some other community or group that you want to share, please just let me know first before you post, otherwise it will be deleted.

Upon your acceptance, please fill out the following and post it in the community.

Name & Age:
Wedding Location:
Wedding Theme & Colors:
Anything else?: